Please Note: that Safety has always been a top priority at Citiline Studio of Dance, and has continued with our move to the Celtic Center. The guidelines and procedures are as of Sept 14, 2020, but they may adjust as we get our Fall 2020 Season underway. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We are doing our best to adjust as we get acclimated to a new building and as we are constantly learning as the guidelines are constantly changing. 

In short, anyone entering the building needs to wear a mask. Please help us keep our number of guests low as possible by entering the building only if necessary or if you have a younger child dancing and please only one parent per dancer. 

Thank you for helping us and being patient with us so we can bring dance back into you and/or your dancers’ world. We’ve missed all of you greatly!

‘Air Hugs’

Miss Lizzie

Arrival/Lobby Procedure

Parents may bring younger dancers inside the studio. If you are comfortable dropping off your older dancers at the door, that is very helpful. We still need to keep the number of people within the building as low as possible. So we do ask that you not wait in the Lobby at the current time. However, with us also having to limit the number of dancers per class, we can “technically” allow one parent per dancer in the Lobby. 


Upon safe entering (with a mask on), students will have hand sanitizer sprayed into their hands and their temperatures taken with a contactless thermometer. They may go back to our “Citiline Room” and change into their dance shoes and put their dance bags under the chair or take it with them into the studio. Once dancers enter their studio/classroom, they may take off their masks. If you prefer your dancer to keep their mask on during class, please let the instructor know. This is ultimately the parents’ decision.



Restroom access will be limited, so please have dancers arrive at the studio already in their dance attire. Students MUST wash their hands.


Water Cooler

Unfortunately, water coolers are not available at this time. Students must bring their own water bottles with their name on it. Any bottles left will be discarded.


Class Size

To ensure social distancing among the students, class size is limited to 8-10 students for in-studio class, but we also have Zoom option.


Social Distancing

I have placed spots 6 foot (or more) apart on the dance floors. One for each student and the instructor. Masks must be worn at all times when in the building, except while in the studio/classroom for class. Please prepare your child to see their teachers wearing masks and let them know that as much as we would LOVE to, we cannot hug them.


Contactless Class

We are able to teach without having physical contact with students and with students avoiding contact with each other.


Schedule Change

I’ve done my best to schedule the same level classes back to back in knowing/assuming who would be in those classes. By doing this, it helps with a decrease in crossing paths, exposure to more people, as well as all the necessary cleaning. However, cleaning will be done in between classes when dancers switch. In those cases, classes may end a few minutes early or start a few minutes late.


Use of “props”

The use of props will be very limited at the current time. 


Pick up

Students must be picked up promptly, however, they may wait in the lobby until a parent is there. They will be given hand sanitizer when they leave.



As mentioned earlier, parents may come into the building, but we still need to keep our number of guests to a minimum. So we ask only one parent per dancer in the lobby. Staff and instructors will assist with dancers entering and exiting the door. Anyone who enters the building MUST wear a mask.


Sanitation of the studio

Citiline staff will wipe down the barres, floors, or any surfaces that students may have touched in between classes. The Celtic Center does a more thorough cleaning each afternoon before classes begin.


Social Distancing

Teachers as well as students must keep a proper distance from each other at all times. Students have to enter and exit class spaced apart to allow proper distance.


Health Monitoring

If a student or one of their family members has any virus symptoms, not feeling well or has come in contact with anyone who has symptoms, THEY MUST STAY HOME. If there is a chance of possible contamination at the studio, Citiline will lockdown for two weeks during which online classes will be offered.

I really hope by having these guidelines and procedures in place, you’ll feel safe and comfortable to return to Citiline as well. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.