Class Levels

Over the years, we have found that using School Grade as a guide to group dancers together is better than going strictly by age.  When trying to find the best class for dancers, we do look at a few things…School Grade, Dance Experience/Skill Set & Maturity.  If you and/or your dancer is unsure as to which class would be the best fit, by all means, we encourage for the dancer to try their options to find out where they feel the most comfortable, yet challenged.  We don’t want to see our dancers frustrated because a class is too difficult, nor do we want them to be bored and most of all, they should be having fun and want to come back week after week.

Here are our initial thoughts on class level breakdown:

  • Creative Movement:  Ages 2 – PreSchool
  • PreDance: PreSchool – Kindergarten
  • Level 1: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
  • Level 2: 2nd Grade – 4th Grade+
  • Level 3: 4th Grade – 6th Grade+
  • Level 4: 6th Grade+
  • Adult Classes: College+